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Tout sur le Vichy

All about Vichy

THE GINGHAM   If the gingham fabric takes its name from the Vichy thermal french town, its origins is much more distant and more disputed.....

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Kidiwi is a French brand that was created in 2009 and based in the Paris region. It was born from a desire to perpetuate the tradition of handmade, beautiful, durability, to cloth those we hold on to very dearly: the children. Not just that, Kidiwi is also a universe that is as tender as it is poetic, as enchanted as it is joyful. A touch of preppy and elegance foolproof. A classic line at first sight, but which quickly showcases its singularity. From revisited collar, frills, splash or unbridled smocks, for a resolutely unique wardrobe to accompany unforgettable family moments.