We are glad to welcome you to the family! You can now enjoy a loyalty program which will reward you for each product you purchased from our website. But wait, there is more … We also have a referral program!


  1. Ways to earn :

When you create your account, you are automatically enrolling in our loyalty program.

This program will allow you to cumulate Kidiwi stars for each product you are buying (taxes, shipping costs, and products with special offers excluded) and different actions to complete.

You will earn 50 stars if you follow us on Instagram.
You will earn 50 stars if you like our page on Facebook.
You will get 3 stars for every €1 spent.
You will get a €5 off coupon if you refer a friend (Only valid for their first purchase). You referred friend will also get a €5 off coupon on their first order.


  1. Ways to spend :

By completing different actions and placing orders on our website, you will be able to accumulate stars which you can turn into money to spend on the site.

100 stars equal 1€ !