Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection
Imagine a collection from a dream...
Immerse yourself in a universe as magical as it is enigmatic.
For this Fall/Winter 2022-23, we wanted to take you to the “Kingdom of Dreams”.
A journey in a childhood dream. A dream that takes place in different imaginary realms:

- In the kingdom of sweets,picking up candy and mint syrup colors.

Soft and pastel materials mix with raspberry red tartan.

A cloud of sweety creations awaits you in this kingdom.




- In the kingdom of winter, where shades of blue intertwine with grey.

Realm of blue dreams where our 100% wool knits warm up icy hues.

Sweet little flower and houndstooth prints share this white world.



- In the kingdom of plants, where the autumn colors are expressed on corduroy and prints.

Shades of moss green, chestnut brown take you to the middle of a forest of enchanted creations



- And finally to the magical kingdom, where the magic of Christmas and the end of the year celebrations give rise to outfits as sumptuous as each other.

Our tartans and our smooth velvets meet in the starry night.

A golden chevron illuminates this festive universe.


Without further ado, we're taking you on board!



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