How to wear stripes ?

Stripes are among the trendiest patterns that are worn across generations and throughout the year.
Classic and timeless, it's a must-have in your wardrobe!

Where do stripes come from, why are they so fashionable and how to wear them?

Originally, stripes had a unique purpose: to stand out. With the eye hanging more on a striped garment than a plain one, they have long remained exclusion marks reserved for the marginalized in order to identify them more easily.

It was not until 1917 that a stripe "revolution" appeared.
Coco Chanel, accustomed to seaside resorts and inspired by local sailors, launches in her second boutique, in Deauville, the "sailor style", with short sailor tops.
Her collection immediately seduced the upper middle class and the fashion world took a turn by incorporating this print.

Yves Saint Laurent reworked the striped knit and brought us the striped sweater as we know it today in his "Sailor" collection in 1966.
Jean-Paul Gaultier made it his trademark from 1983 in his “Boy toy” collection

Since then, haute couture and ready-to-wear brands have been expressing their creativity by endlessly declining stripes.

How to wear them?

Choosing the right color

There are of course the navy stripes, a timeless classic that will work for all occasions. To twist and adopt a trendy look, dare to use color! Yellow stripes give an impression of warmth and good vibes, it is the perfect color to radiate in summer!

From the striped romper to the dress and the overalls, this is a unisex pattern that is available in all types of clothing. So it's perfect for siblings, so that kids have a trendy matchy-matchy look!

Horizontal or vertical stripes? thin or large ?

The choice of orientation and width of the stripes is important because it will allow you to redefine your silhouette. You can mix them together and use them one way or another, on the upper or lower body depending on the desired effect.

Vertical and fine stripes give a chic and sober look; they also tend to slim and slender the silhouette.

Large and horizontal stripes give a casual and fun look; they also add volume to the silhouette.

What to wear with ?

If you prefer to opt for a sober look, break the effect of stripes with a solid jacket over the striped print.

If you want a funnier look, don't hesitate to mix your stripes with other geometric patterns such as polka dots or gingham!

Accessorize !

If you don’t feel comfortable with the total striped look, a simple striped bag or scarf is enough to bring a touch of fantasy to your outfits.

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Stripes now hold no secrets for you !
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