Manufacturing process of a smocked dress

Kidiwi has decided to take you behind the scenes of her workshop to show you the different steps involved in the making of her Eugenie dress. This little printed dress is sublimated by an embroidered smock. It alone requires 6 hours of work by our embroiderers who have been perpetuating the art of handmade for ten years now. Follow each step of the manufacturing process through this article and enjoy the unpublished images of our video that shows the entire process!



It is with the cutting of the fabric that the work begins. This step is crucial and requires great attention. Each model has a pattern that defines the cutting lines drawn with a pencil. By following them, the multiple pieces that will be assembled by our seamstresses appear. But well before giving life to the product, each of its elements will be enriched by our embroiderers.


The technique of making smocks has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Eugenie's technique is obtained by a know-how reproduced with professionalism and meticulousness. The fabric first passes through the smock gathering machine on the necessary width. Once the threads are pulled, they gather the fabric, the backdrop for the embroidery work. Eugenie wears its smock at the waist, it requires four gathered rows to reach the expected height. Our embroiderers then flower them by hand with red ricocos, small pearls of threads gracefully scattered.



Before applying the last finishing touches to Eugenie by adorning it with its buttons, hems and its identity guaranteeing its quality: the woven label Kidiwi, the time has come for our seamstresses to give our Eugenie its magic and grace by bringing together its multiple components.

The embroidered smock must be carefully integrated, the puffed sleeves are elasticated and the contrasting Claudine collar is adorned with small ruffles.

The result of this technical and meticulous assembly gives the product its elegance and singularity to make Eugenie a unique product.

And that's the end of this little parenthesis in the heart of Kidiwi's backstage area. The workshop closes its doors and continues its hard work to make you many more beautiful pieces! We leave you with the full video that shows the entire manufacturing process explained above ... enjoy!

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