5 summer essentials for kids

It's the return of sunny days, days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Kids also want to have fun, be able to play in the water and have fun with their friends.

We therefore offer you in this article 5 essentials that will allow you to spend a pleasant summer full of adventures with your children, while staying safe.

1. A raffia hat

This is an must-have for this summer!
It is both practical to adopt a trendy look, but also to protect yourself from the sun because when it hits hard, it protects the face from UV rays.

Flexible and resistant, raffia is obtained from the leaves of Raphia Ruffia. The braiding is less fine than a straw hat, which gives it a perfect style for a relaxed holiday in the sun. Raffia is also malleable and not very fragile which can therefore safely accompany you on vacation. A hat to favor if you want a solid and trendy model!

The +: The 100% natural raffia can be ironed to restore it to its original shape.

2. A suitable sunscreen

It is important to teach kids to protect themselves from the sun from an early age and that sunscreen that protects against UVA / UVB is essential.

Our selection :
The classic - Simple and efficient

200ml, 7,95€
The playful – A colored formula to learn while having fun

50ml, 9,90€
The organic – For parents who are the most sensitive about the planet
Laboratoires de Biarritz
100ml, 22,50€

3. A beach (or city) basket

For girls and boys, prepare a basket or backpack that they will have to carry themselves!
Very useful for empowering them, your kids can also put their teddy bears, holiday notebooks, sunscreens and various treasures found during their adventures.

 4. A swimsuit

Choosing the right swimsuit is important for your children to have fun, both at the beach and at the pool. But there are several criteria to take into account:
- Choose a swimsuit in which they feel good; an adapted cut as well as a comfortable and practical one
- Choose a quality swimsuit that will not relax with sea salt and will not lose its color with the sunrays.
- In terms of colors and patterns, the trend is all for flashy colors or colors reminiscent of the nautical world: (fuchsia pink, water green, coral, red, etc.)



5. Outfits : What fabrics to favor ?

Natural fibers (cotton, linen, ...) are the ally of choice for dressing babies and children. For example, cotton has good breathability, hypoallergenic and is suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive).

Style-wise, it's THE season to play with colors and patterns of all kinds!

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