Momterview #3 - Meeting with Delphine from @deuxpetitesprincesses

In this 3rd episode of Momterview, we met Delphine, mother of two little princesses and living in the Netherlands.
She tells us about her passion for Liberty prints, her tips for a nice kid’s bedroom decoration and her best kids-friendly spots in the Netherlands 😊

  • Hi ! Can you introduce yourself ?

Hi, I am Delphine mother of "Deux Petites Princesses", Elodie and Aurelie. I am born and raised in the Netherlands by my Dutch father and French mother.

I have spent a big part of my childhood in France with my parents and grandparents. I have studied International Business and spend some time Florida during that time. I am currently working at a Loyalty Company as Portfolio Manager Disney.

  • You're a big fan of Liberty prints, where does this passion comes from  ?

I have loved girly things like pink, bows and flowers all my life. When I was pregnant of my first girl, I bought her her very first Liberty dress. It was so cute!

I have loved girly things like pink, bows and flowers all my life. When I was pregnant of my first girl, I bought her her very first Liberty dress. It was so cute! Since then I have been addicted to Liberty. We do not only have clothes with Liberty print, also teacups, drinking bottles and tea towels and even the dolls and Maileg bunnies are dressed in Liberty.

  • Do you have anything in particular that you want to pass on to your daughters (objects, ideas or values) ?

I want my girls to be able to always be themselves regardless of other people’s opinion. We live in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else and you are being judged regardless of what you do. My girls shouldn’t be worried about what others think of them, they should live their lives on their own terms instead someone else’s. When you dare to be yourself, you can be proud of yourself, have more self-confidence and achieve more in life.

  • Your tips and tricks for a nice kid's bedroom decoration ?

First, choose a theme and select a color pallet. Make sure the colors match well with each other. By repainting big or small furniture you can change the look and feel completely. Also treasure family history by reusing old furniture. .

Start decorating when all furniture is in place, only than you will see what you miss and what could look nice. Use baskets and trunks to store all toys and others. Not only will it keep the room clean and tidy, it also looks very nice.

  • A DIY you love doing with your daughters? Or a DIY that you would like to try out ?

We adore making little ballerina’s and mermaids. Using glitters, ribbons and all kind of beautiful fabrics and wood. During the lockdown we made so many different arts and diy, that we have created a wall of art in our house.

One thing we haven’t done yet is sewing clothes for dolls and barbies ourselves. We would really like trying to do that.

  • Pour les moms aux Pays-Bas, quelles sont tes adresses kids-friendly préférées ?

We live in an old city called ‘s-Hertogenbosch which is in the south if the Netherlands. The city has the best reputation for having many small businesses, coffee bars and restaurants.

The must go to shops for kids clothes are Moedersmooiste and Trots. They have a beautiful selection of kids brands and the biggest Maileg collection !

For lunch we love to go to the Vlaamsche Broodhuys. The best sandwiches, most delicious bread and absolutely kids friendly. Nearby there are 2 hidden parks with a lovely playground.

Near our city there is farm called the «Hoenderik» ” in the small village Tricht where you can pick your own fruit like strawberries, raspberries, apples and pears. It’s such a lovely place to go to as a family. They also serve delightful homemade ice-cream.

  • A final word ?

The Kidiwi collection is refreshing and so classic at the same time. Every single piece is beautiful and made with the most beautiful fabric. We hope to enjoy this beautiful brand for a long time :) 

Delphine's Kidiwi favorites

"It was love at first sight when I saw this dress! The flower fabric and the colors are amazing"
Alyson dress

"You can never go wrong with a blue and white striped dress, it’s so classic !"

"The flower pattern of this dress and the smock are amazing"

Sandrine dress
"Of course, I had to add a pink dress to our selection :)"

We thank Delphine for taking to time to awnser our questions, follow her on Instagram to discover her sweet account here

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