Momterview #4 - Meeting with Joséphine from @josephineandfamily

In this 4th episode of Momterview, we met Joséphine, mother of three little ones living in England.

She tells us about her daily life, the trends and her best kid-friendly addresses in England. 😊

  • Hello! Can you introduce yourself?

I am Josephine, content creator on social networks, and mother of three children: Céleste, Victoria and my youngest Pio.

  • Can you tell us about your life as a mother in London?

My life as a London mum is punctuated by the children's school hours, which start later and finish earlier in the afternoon.

The days pass very quickly and in general, I don't often have the opportunity to stroll the streets or visit during the week, we make up for it on the weekend!

  • What are your favorite kid-friendly places in London?

In my kids-friendly addresses in London there are:

  • The Queen's Head which is a pub in our neighborhood with a large terrace where the kids can play.
  • Honest which is a delicious burger chain, and children are entitled to their little coloring pages. Most restaurants are kids friendly here!
  • For shopping, you can't fail to go to Trotters when you come here, an English brand, chic par excellence! I'm a fan of their pajamas and sweaters with the logo of a little English soldier
  • Liberty , in the Soho district, is obviously a must.
  • Caramel in Notting Hill is a little shop that I really like, and good news: they often have sales in the downstairs room!
  • In activities, museums of course! Most of them are free and very fun! And see the deer in the wild at Richmond Park .

  • What are the fashion trends for children in London?

The children's fashion trends in London are sportswear and comfortable outfits. The little English people are in uniform during the week, and therefore dressed more casually the rest of the time!

  • Can you give us an anecdote or a personal experience that you had in London with your children and/or with the Kidiwi brand?

I don't have a particular anecdote in mind, but it's true that people stop me from time to time in the street to tell me that the children are well dressed. I like to dress them in things that are similar and in harmonious colors, which go well together, and that should be noticed. Especially when I took the photos for Kidiwi! This always makes me very happy.

  • What is your current favorite London recipe?

My favorite London recipe: burger/fries, does that count? (With a good Burgundy of course 😁)

  • English style VS French style?

We find a lot of English style codes in French children's fashion brands at the moment: tartan, English coats, quilted jackets, smocks...And finally I find that French moms are more receptive to this fashion than in England.

I particularly like the French style, which manages to blend elegance and originality.

Here it's either very chic brands, or very casual/sportswear. So I would say: French style but with the British touch!


Joséphine's Kidiwi essentials

Ambroise blouse


Elias shorts


Mayeule dress

Simon beige knit

Lou coat

“So British”


We would like to thank Joséphine for the time she gave us, you can discover her pretty Instagram account:@josephineandfamily

All photos belong to Joséphine.

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