Nothing is lost, everything is transformed !

🧵 Nothing is lost everything is transformed!
This is Kidiwi Handmade's wish and commitment. 
Collections made with responsible materials, mostly certified, without harmful substances.


Yes, but who says cuts and model making, says scraps and losses. 
A new mission was announced, to revalue our soft fabrics!


1ère step: Find a meaningful project 

Brainstorming with the team: 

  • How to upgrade your little fabric scraps, give them value and share this project with you?
  • Who can support us in this project? (Alone, we go faster, together, we go further!)


Lots of questions, tries and proposals and then was born the project: "Pochon de Lavender Handmade »


2nd step: Presentation of the project

We like to offer you in your pretty orders a sachet of lavender, because in addition to opening a package that smells deliciously good, the virtues of lavender are multiple. (as much for your children as for their clothes!)

Our scraps being rather small, it was the perfect project, a recycled lavender bag.

Now, we had to find a team of small hands to sew all these pouches, make the filling, tie the ribbons...


3ème Step: The Recover Fairies and F'Recup Action

It was Émilie Renaud, founder of Les Fées Récup (and office neighbor 😉) who introduced us to the association F'Récup Action.

Les Fées Récup accompanied the F'Récup Action association for 6 months, in the search for customers, obtaining materials... To teach them to fly on their own 🧚 ♂️

Recovery Action, 10 women decided to set up an association at the end of November 2022.

This initiative brings together women with disabilities, illnesses (which do not allow them to work full time). 

This association is open to all, it allows participants to alternate between the association, active life and personal life.


Each one brings their own touch to each project according to their skills,

the goal : work together !


Their wishes for the future:

Obtain new contracts with new clients in order to offer training to the women of the association (computers, manuals), as well as to share moments together (cultural outings).

We met these women at workshops, and thanks to them, the project was able to see the light of day.


4th stage : A unique pouch just for you

 Recipe :

Ask for help from fairy hands (F'Récup Action) + sprinkle with Kidiwi Handmade fabric scraps = you get a delicate pouch of lavender 
"Here is a lavender pouch made from our fabric scraps by a women's reintegration workshop".
This is what you hold in your hands, sharing, mutual aid, laughter and a great project.


Thank you all for these beautiful moments, thank you Emilie for supporting this association and for introducing these women to us.

We hope that F'Récup Action soon flies on its own 🧚 ♂️



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